Learning Dutch

Speaking the Dutch language is essential to ensure inclusion in Dutch society. A high level of language proficiency increases your independence. This way, language increases your chances on the labour market and sustainable employability. Language is also important when communicating (digitally) with the government and other institutions. Definitely not leastlanguage helps you connect to the people around you. Language is therefore a big contributor to your happiness. Learning the language also (in)directly influences your productivityhealthcare expenses and welfare benefits. 

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Language at the Workplace Projects

As an employer you would like your employees to be able to communicate with each other and with clients. A good command of the Dutch language and working culture is therefore essential to your organisation.

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Municipality projects

As a municipality you would like your citizens to have long-term prospects and participate as much as they can. An improved command of the Dutch language enables people to develop themselves and take up opportunities.

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You want to pass your integration exam, or state exam I or II. Would you like classes taught by professional teachers, and receive personal attention? Delken&Boot welcomes you. We have high success rates and high satisfaction rates.

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Special Language Projects

Delken&Boot is an unconventional language facility. We invest time, knowledge and means in projects and partnerships to improve people’s well-being. We find experimenting and exploring new avenues important. We therefore do not shy away from challenges.