About Delken&Boot

What started as a semi-serious joke between two freelance NT2-teachers in 2005, bloomed into a prominent facility for Dutch language and culture. A leadership team of three professionals, supervised by CEO Pieter Boot, daily coordinates Delken&Boot. By committing to the vision that learning should be fun, professional and practical, Delken&Boot has been developed into what it is now: a company to be proud of. 

Delken&Boot's History

The name Delken&Boot refers to founders Ellis Delken and Emmeke Boot. They have shared their knowledge and experience about the NT2 field and have now passed the baton to their successors. For year now, many companies and municipalities choose Delken&Boot for various language projects. The range of services that Delken&Boot offers has changed and evolved. Ever since the company’s start in 2005, we have been providing integration courses, and exam trainings for non-native speakers. Additionally, we develop course material, films, and course books for citizenship, education, and vocation. Starting 2015, we also offer courses to native speakers who wish to improve their language proficiency (NT1). In 2012, Delken&Boot took over the web shop and turned it into an online store and a place where both teachers and learners could come to get advice and educational material. 

Founders Ellis Delken and Emmeke Boot
CEO Pieter Boot

Would you like to teach for Delken&Boot?

You are welcome to, as we are always looking for qualified teachers in the NT2 and NT1 field. Delken&Boot works with certified freelance teachers who are passionate about their job. We are proud to work with these people. Delken&Boot contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and good facilities. However, we also require expertise, flexibility and a continuing willingness to keep learning about the field. At Delken&Boot you can participate in study days taught by third-party industry professionals. Our Program Team can help and advise you with completing assignments. 

Would you like to teach at Delken&Boot?
Please contact the Program Team or

“This is my 6th year working as a NT2 teacher; for various schools. Working at Delken&Boot is great. You are very well-facilitated: good and welcoming classrooms, well-composed groups, an online environment for you and other teachers, support by mentors and the planning department, and a well-organised administration. They will do anything in their power to make sure you can focus on the contents of the course and the progress of your students. You notice that everyone is working together to achieve a common goal, which is to help students pass their exam. They provide input about planning classes and making tests, and the door is always open for a casual chat. Finally, working with all those nice, hard-working students is a pleasure. I would recommend Delken&Boot to everyone, especially if you are looking for professionalism and expertise.”


Teacher at Delken&Boot

Would you like to work at Delken&Boot?

Delken&Boot is a thorough, committed and unconventional facility for Dutch language and culture. And works with a give and take principle. Delken&Boot is always looking for driven and talented people. Do you have an affinity with our target groups and with the Dutch language, and do you feel drawn to our organisation? Send an open application and resume to Bianca Hilgersom, head of human resources 

  • We currently do not have any unfilled vacancies 

Blik Op Werk Certified

Delken&Boot’s quality mark has been renewed for the period of 2017-2018. This means that quality education is guaranteed at this school. The quality mark means that D&B adheres to the highest quality standard.

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Success rates

Lower educated students 83%
Students with intermediate education 92%
Higher educated students 95%

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Satisfaction rate

Most customers are very pleased and rate us an 8 out of 10.

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DUO loan

Delken&Boot is Blik Op Werk certified. As a result, you are able to loan money from DUO